Class Times

Class Times & Info


All classes are now running face-to-face, except when we are in lockdown. In lockdown we switch back to Zoom, then back again when permissable. All classes except Tuesday and Thursday evening also have the option of attending via Zoom. All COVID19 Rules are being followed. If you would like to join in any classes please email me at for details.

What To Bring

BYO Mat to class. If you don’t have a mat Lyndal can bring a loaner mat for the first class or two. Wear clothes that enable you to move freely and are appropriate for the weather. 

Bring a towel, pillow or blanket for warmth and/or to pad the knees or provide extra comfort for sitting.  It is a good idea to have a bottle of water with you as well.

There are no communal props available at present (Covid). 

Please note all classes have strictly limited numbers, early bookings are recommended to ensure your spot.

The final term for 2021 (although you can join when you like as long as there is space) will be as follows:

  • Please note there are no classes from 15 – 30 October 
  • Monday 1 November – 7/8 weeks
At this stage the terms for 2022 will be as follows (although you can join when you like as long as there is space) :
  • Monday 24 January – 8 weeks;
  • Monday 21 March – 8 week;s 
  • Monday 16 May – 8 weeks;
  • Monday 11 July – 8 weeks;
  • Monday 5 September – 8 weeks; and
  • Monday 31 October – 8 weeks. 

Keperra Class Schedule

Face to Face and via Zoom

Monday 6.30pm – 7.45pm
Tuesday 9.30am – 10.45am
Wednesday (School Term Only) 9.15am – 10.30am
Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.45pm
Thursday 9.15am – 10.30am
Friday 9.00am – 10.15am

School Terms – Wednesday Morning Keperra Classes Only

The final Wednesday morning term for 2021 is:

  • Wednesday 6 October – 8 weeks (no classes from 16 – 30 Oct).

The Wednesday morning terms for 2022 shall be:

  • Monday 24 January – 10 weeks;
  • Monday 18 April – 10 weeks;
  • Monday 11 July – 10 weeks; and
  • Monday 3 October – 10 weeks.

Mitchelton Class Schedule

Face to Face only

Mitchelton Senior Citizens Centre, 30 Tel-El-Kebir St, Mitchelton

Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.45pm
Thursday 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Costs / Catch-ups / Special Offers

Standard Cost

If the course fee is paid in full less than 5 days in advance of the starting date the cost is $15/class ie 7 weeks x $15 = $105. If you are not attending the entire term the cost is $15 x however many weeks you are attending (minimum 4). You are welcome as a casual student to the Mitchelton Tuesday or Thursday evening classes for $18 per class. Due to COVID a space must be booked in advance. 

Catch Up Classes

Catch up classes are always available via Zoom at any class which has Zoom (see above list). Catch ups must be done by the end of the term you are enrolled in. They are also available on Tuesday or Thursday evening at Mitchelton in person but must be booked in due to COVID number restrictions.

Discounted Course Cost when paid 5 days in Advance – Ensure your Place and Get a Discount!

$14/class ie 7 weeks x $14 = $98 – Please email Lyndal if you want banking details for internet banking to get the discount. Please note that places are only guaranteed when payment is made so some Keperra classes may already be fully booked prior to 5 days before the starting date.

2 Weekly Classes Special – includes Tuesday or Thursday evenings or Zoom classes

If you are already currently attending one term of yoga pay $70 or $80 extra per 7 or 8 week term to attend twice weekly, with any Zoom class being the second class. If you think you will only be able to attend twice weekly for a few weeks out of the term pay an additional $10 per class in advance at the same time you pay for your entire term and attend 2 classes per week for as many weeks as you like in the term ie. an extra $40 gets you 4 additional Zoom classes through the term. You can choose any Zoom class which is available – it does not have to be the same one all the time.