Props – Part 3

yoga props

Wow, I did not realise I had so much to say about props!! Take the time to think about what you need, notice in class where you might be uncomfortable and get the props to suit rather than just tolerating it, as when we are uncomfortable often the mind gets preoccupied with our discomfort, not allowing us to sit in our entire bodies and in the moment but making us get obsessive about the discomfort. Some people need a pillow for their heads in a lying down pose, although it is important not to get something too high that pushes your head forward and out of alignment with the rest of the spine. Keep the neck lengthened, the forehead should be fairly level with the chin, maybe a tiny bit higher. If it is the other way around you definitely need a pillow for your head. Have a yoga bag with all your stuff that you can grab and go. Support yourself in your yoga journey and give yourself what you need. It is well worth it to make the most of your yoga practice and a good day-to-day life lesson to give yourself the support you need. Many of us go through life turning down help from loved ones and always getting things done on our own. Next time you have having a rough time accept the help offered by a loved one, let them pamper you, do something for you. Use them as your “prop” take a deep breath and let go. As my folks got older I did more for them – taking them shopping, helping with an appointment or two. Initially they said no, determined to do it on their own but gradually they accepted my help and I was gifted with quality time and a deeper connection with them before they passed on. I have also learnt to accept friends’ and families’ assistance more if they offer it if I am getting a little overwhelmed. Sometimes you can be the prop, sometimes you need the prop so let someone who loves you be your prop and be one for them when you see they need it. It is a gift to all concerned. Namaste.

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Props – Part 3

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